Baby Swimming Lessons in Wiltshire

happinessWhen little Zach came into Lora and Eddie Dawson’s world, their whole outlook on life changed so baby swimming lessons in Wiltshire was born.

At 10 weeks old Eddie started to take Zach swimming every Saturday morning- Both Daddy and Zach soon enjoyed having lots of fun in the water, building their confidence and bonding. As he grew into a toddler Zach loved his swimming lessons so much he encouraged his mummy, Lora, to take him to healthclasses in the week as well!

Lora and Eddie enjoyed the whole experience of baby swimming lessons so much they decided that they wanted to introduce other parents to the joys of teaching their own little ones to swim in a safe and enjoyable environment – and so their second baby: Aqua Tikes was born!

Along with their other dedicated instructors Eddie and Lora life1care passionately that the emphasis of their baby & toddler swimming classes is on your little ones:

  • Learning how to swim in a secure environment
  • Understanding how to stay safe in and around water

Understanding how to stay safe in and around water

Aqua Tikes is all about your child and what they need – We run manageable size swimming classes where the teacher can adapt the lesson to ensure everyone has a great experience!

Click on Book Now to join in the fun or check out the rest of our site for further info. Alternatively give Lora or Eddie a call on 01249 661 561 or email us at: