Catch Ups

Catch-UpsAs parents we know how frustrating it can be if you have to miss one of our lessons due to illness, holiday or last minute emergencies. So although our terms and conditions state that we do not “owe” you a lesson if you miss one, we do want to try our hardest to organise a catch up lesson for you if we can.  So as a family based company, unlike other baby swimming companies, we want to continue providing catch ups to all our little swimmers.

Catch up requests may seem to be a simple thing to organise but as we teach around 500 babies a week in 15 different pools it can take up to 30 minutes to organise just one. If everyone follows these guidelines we can continue to provide this valuable service.  .

How to request a catch up

  • All requests must be emailed to the office, please state clearly the days you can swim and if you are able to drive. Unfortunately we cannot organise over the phone or via text.  Please contact us after the missed lesson.  If you know you are going on holiday we cannot guarantee a catch up but will try to organise one on your return.
  • We cannot always guarantee a catch up. We will always try our hardest to organise a catch up but we only have limited time in our pools so it may not always be possible, however, the more flexible you can be with days and places you can travel to the greater the likelihood we can organise
  • The catch up class we can book you onto may not be the same level as your usual class but may be a level above or below, however you will still get a 30 minute swim and we will only offer you appropriate classes for your child.
  • Due to the administration if you are unable to make the organised catch up we cannot arrange another one.
  • We can only organise 1 catch up per course.
  • Catch up classes cannot be carried over from one term to the next.

Thank you so much for following the above guidelines and helping us to continue offering catch ups.

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