Chocolate Quarter, Keynsham

Swimming there on Tuesday Afternoon

Mini Tikes and Tiddler Tikes

What you need:

Baby Wrap, swim nappy and nappy cover and a fluffy towel for after.

What to do when you get there:

1) Follow clockwise around the large redbrick buildings (signposted for St. Augustine’s Surgery).  It’s a bit of a building site but Short Stay visitor parking is labelled.  You can park in the PURPLE BAYS ONLY for a MAXIMUM of 2hrs for free.  Note:  The car park is camera monitored and a penalty will be issued if you stay longer than 2 hours!

2)  Alternatively, you can park in front of the large white ‘Pavilion’ building (charges are 60p for 1hr and for £1.20 for 2hrs and £1.80 for 3hrs).


You can enter via any of the main entrances and head toward the Gym/Spa.  There is also an entrance specially for the Gym/Spa at the back of the building.

You can bring buggies and car seats into the building but please leave these neatly outside of the Spa changing rooms.

Changing rooms:

Go into the Spa changing rooms.  There is a communal changing area with about 20 free lockers.  Off this communal area, there are identical Male and Female changing rooms.  Each has 1 toilet, 2 lockable shower/changing rooms, 1 hairdryer and a swim costume spindrier.  There is also a large disabled changing room with a toilet.  The door through to the pool is obvious.

Other notes:

  • The loungers can be used by spectators but we ask that you do not leave your bags/towels there unaccompanied whilst you swim.
  • Please use lockers in the changing rooms to keep the pool area clear for other customers.
  • Please take home all your nappies!

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