Meet the Team

The Aqua Tikes Team

We started Aqua Tikes with just 3 in our family!  Over the years our family has grown and you can meet them all below.

All the Aqua Tikes team are passionate and enthusiastic about the benefits of our swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and their parents. In addition we are all qualified lifeguards and parents to young children ourselves!

We ensure that every swimming session is full of fun and tailored so that everyone in the class has a terrific time.  All our team members are parents who were so inspired by their own positive experience that they became Aqua Tikes teachers themselves!

Zach (Our most important baby & toddler swimming consultant!)_CW10155

Hello! My name is Zach and I am the inspiration for Aqua Tikes. Daddy started to take me when I was just a little baby. I always have a great big grin on my face when I am in the pool and I have already asked my mummy if I can teach babies to swim just like her and daddy.



Watching Eddie take Zach swimming from such a young age was such a great experience. I was so proud of both my boys (big and small) and they were having so much fun I wanted to join in as well. Teaching parents to teach their little ones to swim is the most rewarding job in the world!  



Our NCT group all started swimming with Aqua Tikes almost 3 years ago and we haven’t looked back. I’m thrilled to share the fun and exciting world of swimming to other families. It’s such quality time with your little one and is a great chance to focus solely on them.  I am thrilled to be meeting all the new babies and toddlers and sharing the fun of baby swimming  with them!              



I’ve been teaching children to swim for the past 7 years, but when I got pregnant with my son I decided to take a break. After taking my little boy swimming with Eddie at 8 weeks old I realised how much I wanted to get into to teaching babies! Fast forward 18 months I’m now loving being part of the Aqua Tikes family and teaching all your lovely children 


Watching my partner take our daughter swimming from 10 weeks old with this fantastic company I soon became very passionate about! I love watching and playing in the water with our little one knowing she is learning an important life saving skill whilst having fun all the time. Teaching others to feel confident in the water and teach water safety is too much fun to be called a “job”!



Coming from a sport and exercise background it was a no-brainer to me to take my children swimming as soon as possible. I have loved seeing my own children grow in confidence. I hope that I can help others experience a similar feeling of pride by guiding both parents and children through our swim programme whilst having a great time and learning an new, lifesaving, skill!


I couldn’t wait to start swimming with my daughter, I booked Eva a course before she had even arrived! I instantly fell in love with baby swimming and couldn’t believe how lucky the teachers were to call this their ‘job’! It was time for a career change from a nurse to a baby swim teacher! I feel so lucky to be in the Aqua Tikes family and teaching important lifesaving skills whilst having a lot of fun at the same time!’


I love swimming in the pool, a lake or the sea and really appreciate the importance of this life skill. I took my son who is now 16 as a baby to swim classes and now he laps me in the pool. I have been a swimming teacher and coach for a fair few years now but the joy of watching the little ones progress through having fun in the water with Aqua Tikes is amazing!

eddie and STA AWARDS


This all started for me when I got into a pool with Zach when he was 10 weeks old. I knew from that moment that this is what I needed to do and together my wife, Lora, started Aqua Tikes. I am passionate about providing great lessons so that each parent has the same positive experience that I had!


I have loved swimming for as long as I can remember.  The thrill of collecting swimming badges at school and sewing them onto my towel has never really left me!   Taking my children swimming soon became my favourite activity of the week.  Watching them grow into confident and capable swimmers is so rewarding!  Being a swimming teacher enables me to do something that I love whilst starting little ones aquatic adventure!

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