Baby Swimming Lessons in Keynsham – A New Pool in a New Town

Baby swimming lessons in Keynsham! We are very excited to announce that our latest licensee Jemma will be teaching in her new pool in Keynsham, in the Chocolate Quarter Village!

Swimming there on a Tuesday afternoon Jemma will be teaching Mini Tikes and Tiddler Tikes classes. 

Baby Swimming Lessons in Keynsham


“I have been teaching with Aqua Tikes for over 3 years now and when I heard there was going to be a new in the Chocolate Quarter, my home town Keynsham,  I was so excited! I love teaching little ones to swim and to be running my own pool is amazing!”  

Jemma will be running a taster session on the 10th April and the first course will begin on the 17th April.

Places are very limited so drop us an email quickly to avoid disappointment.  We hope to see you in our lovely new pool in Keynsham very soon.

Baby Swimming Lessons in Keynsham


Teaching Baby Swimming to Norland Nannies in Bath!

teaching baby swimming

Aqua Tikes – Proud to be Teaching Baby Swimming to Norland Nannies!

Those of you who live in and around Bath will be very familiar with the sight of Norland Nannies in their full uniform, looking not too dissimilar to Mary Poppins.

Norland College was founded in 1892 providing Nannies to the aristocrats and royals.  However these days the Norland Nanny is slightly different.

Norlanders spend three years to become qunorland-nannies-2alified through a mixture of practical, theory and placement courses. Like Mary Poppins they are taught about nursery life such as how to bath a baby but unlike Mary Poppins they are taught more modern day skills such as evasive driving and self-defence.

Aqua Tikes are very excited to announce that they are adding a further string to the bow of the Norland Nanny!

“Aqua Tikes Introduction to Baby Swimming”
All of the year three Nannies spend time both in the class room and the pool learning about the benefits of taking little ones swimming from an early age.

teaching baby swimmingAqua Tikes are teaching baby swimming techniques to future Norland Nannies, such as the mammalian diving reflex.  How to ensure they are providing a safe environment, correct temperatures and durations for example. Alongside swimming  techniques from birth through to preschool.

Eddie Dawson approached Norland Nannies to offer Aqua Tikes services and with Clare Dent a course was planned to provide all Student Norland Nannies the knowledge and the confidence to swim their little ones.

“It is really something to be able to pass on our knowledge and experience to the Student Norland Nannies and we hope that this will encourage them to take their children swimming at a very early age providing their children with a skill for life” Eddie Dawson Director Aqua Tikes

All of the year three student nannies have just completed their Aqua Tikes Introduction to teaching baby swimmingBaby Swimming Course with flying colours and will now take all their knowledge and techniques with them as they travel to their families across the world

“We are pleased to add another aspect to our learning programme. We have worked with Aqua Tikes to develop a course which gives Norland students to ability to understand the benefits baby swimming can bring, and the supporting theories behind the techniques used.” Clare Dent, Norland Diploma Co-ordinator

Congratulations to all the Student Norland Nannies who have completed their Aqua Tikes Introduction to Baby Swimming Course this October.


Water Baby Ffion and her Mr Perfect Swim Teacher!

water baby

Water baby Ffion presents Her teacher with a Mr Perfect T-shirt

 Everybody in the Aqua Tikes family love to watch your little water baby grow up to become fantastic swimmers. It is always sad to say good bye when its time for them to go to “big swim school”.
Ffion surprised Eddie at Ridgeway on Sunday when she presented Eddie with “The Best Swim Teacher” Mr Perfect T-shirt as a goodbye present.
“We would like to thank you hugely for teaching Ffion to swim and giving her lots confidence in the water. As parents it is lovely to see her have so much fun and enjoyment swimming as well as knowing she is safe and has gained a skill for life. She has such a lovely bond with Eddie and will miss him dearly. We will of course see you all again soon with her new baby sister.” Ffions Mum and Dad.
“Ffion has been amazing and has become a very confident swimmer. I know Fraser will enjoy teaching her. We hope to hear lots about her accomplishments” Eddie
Good Luck Ffion,” just keep swimming” and make sure you help little sis to enjoy swimming as much as you do.

Children’s Swimming Lessons – Book Start 2016 @ Aqua Tikes

children's swimming lessonsChildren’s Swimming Lessons with Books!

We have teamed up with the lovely people at the Book Trust to help promote Book Start Week 2016 in your children’s swimming lessons.

You can enjoy the fun of reading and rhymes anywhere even the pool!

This week all our classes will include official rhymes from book start week. All our pre-schoolers will get a book start bag with the fantastic book “a hole at the bottom of the Sea”

From Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June there will be thousands of free events around the country for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their families.  They are held at different venues including: libraries, children’s centres, nurseries and bookshops.

These under the sea-themed events will include stories, rhymes and lots of fun activities to inspire families to read together.

BookTrust have partnered with publisher Barefoot Books to produce a special booklet edition of A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. This is adapted by Jessica Law and beautifully illustrated by Jill McDonald.

Throughout the week, BookTrust will be be giving away copies of this exciting underwater adventure.

children's swimming lessons

BookTrust can help support a child’s reading journey with online book recommendations, reading tips, games and puzzles and much more: Book Trust

Reading books with your little one, just like swimming can help you and your little one bond as well as help them to do better at school and improve their life chances.

Underwater Baby Photography Photo Shoot Weekend!

underwater baby photography

Underwater Baby Photography – have a look at our gallery from the weekend!

We have had an absolutely great underwater baby photography photo shoot weekend.  I know we have got tons of fantastic underwater shots I cant wait to see them, I’m sure you guys can’t either 🙂 🙂

Come and capture your baby or toddler in our amazing underwater photographic sessions. Images of the babies and toddlers underwater with their eyes open and surrounded by bubbles are unique and captivating.

We use the latest in underwater cameras and lighting to produce the highest quality images.

Swimming With Daddy

Father and Son
How Eddie Dawson fell in love with his baby boy

When I first met Zach I realised that most of my preparations were flawed, I hadn’t realised that he would wiggle and cry so much. I must admit that my confidence was rocked. When Zach was born I was working away every week so after a week’s paternity leave I was only spending time with him on Saturday and Sunday. Lora, my wife, was a first time mum and was learning how to manage with a little one so it seemed easier to default to her than to take the lead.

I had always been a swimmer and felt most at home in, on or under the water. I always wanted Zach to share this love of water. With the rest of our anti-natal class we booked onto a baby swim course. When the day came I was quite nervous, Lora changed Zach, gave him to me on pool side and off we went.

When I talk to people about this I use words like “lightning bolt” and “epiphany”. It was fantastic. Zach loved the water, he was all smiles and giggles. For half an hour on a Saturday I was in sole control, I learnt how to hold him and soothe him when he cried. As the weeks went on I became more and more comfortable with my abilities. A few months later Lora was in need of some down time so we decided I should take Zach by myself. The nerves were there again but I had a lot more faith in myself. After that I started regularly taking Zach on my own. It became our time; other dads in our group were coming on their own as well, we would have a swim, have a coffee and brag about how well we were coping.

Five years later, Sunday morning is our time, we go swimming, go to DIY stores, you know, boys stuff. In this time a lot has changed, my lightning bolt has stayed with me and with Lora’s backing we opened our own baby swimming school. I love getting in the pool every day and hopefully giving the parents the same feeling I had with Zach. Bonding is a word used very often. Not only did I bond with Zach in the pool but it was also the place where I fell in love with my boy.

Eddie and Zach

swimming with daddy5


caroline web

Love Baby Swimming?  Love teaching!

We are looking for baby swimming enthusiasts to join our family.

Teaching Baby Swimming is possibly the most rewarding job in the world.

No previous experience required, full training will be given we just need you to be passionate about baby swimming and want to share this experience with others.

We have pools from Bath to Swindon and everywhere in-between, both weekdays and weekends. You can teach for just an hour and a half a week or 5 days what ever fits in with your family. There couldn’t be a better time to join our team!

The Benefits

Not only do you get job satisfaction we will also provide you with full training so you can run fantastic lessons.

With an hourly starting rate of £20 (potential increase to £25) and free swimming lessons we make sure you continue to have fun in the pool with your little one

This is an exciting time for us as we develop our new brand, for the right person the possibilities are endless.


Drop us an email let us know where you live, how many hours you would like to work a week and why you would like to become a baby swim teacher and we will call you for a chat.

Ouch! Pesky Ear Infections

Does your little one suffer from ear infections or hates getting water in their ears?

Swimmers ear or otitis externa is caused by frequent contact with water, which makes the ear canal vulnerable to inflammation. It can cause pain, itchiness and other horrible symptoms it can be very painful, especially babies and toddlers.

How can I tell if my baby has this kind of ear infection?

An infection of the external ear typically begins with itching. As it progresses, it can cause ear pain and tenderness. If your baby’s pain gets worse when she chews or when you gently tug on her earlobe, she probably has swimmer’s ear. (Moving the outside of the ear doesn’t bother children with infections of the middle ear.)

Check the entrance to her ear as well: You may see redness and scaling. Other symptoms include a yellow, watery, or smelly discharge from the ear. She may also have swelling in her ear or in the glands in her neck.

How can I prevent swimmer’s ear?

As parents we know the benefits of swimming from such an early age so to miss such a rewarding experience because of ear infections is such a shame.

The infection isn’t contagious, so don’t worry about your baby catching it from other kids.

Go easy when you clean your baby’s ears. Don’t use a cotton swab to clean inside the ears. Instead, use a soft washcloth to clean the outside portion only. Tip little ones head to one side to make sure all the water runs out.  You may even want to use a hairdryer on a low temperature to dry the ear.

Try to minimize the amount of water that gets in your baby’s ears from bathing or swimming. By using the Konfidence Aquaband you can reduce the amount of water getting in when swimming

If your baby’s prone to swimmer’s ear, talk with her doctor about using preventive drops. A homemade solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, which may help prevent bacterial growth, is sometimes recommended. (Don’t use this mixture if you think your baby may already have an infection, because it could sting.)