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Hi everyone,

We are very pleased to say that we’re just putting the finishing touched to our online shop. You’ll be able to order a number of great baby and infant swimming products in a range of sizes and designs.

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With Summer School holidays approaching looking back over the year there have been some fantastic achievements!  We are so proud of all our aqua tikes. Here are a few with their certificates:



Happy 6th Birthday Zach

Our inspiration for starting Aqua Tikes over 6 years ago, lots of love Zach love Mummy and Daddy x

happy 6th Birthday Zach

from baby to boy always happy in the pool

New Pool – Highworth Rec!!

After the disappointment of the Hilton closing we are so happy to announce that we have a new pool in the Swindon area. We will now be offering baby swimming lessons in Highworth

From June we will be swimming in Highworth RecWe will be providing all our swim classes there, from Babies 1 to Preschool swim.

baby swimming lessons Highworth

Our new website on its way

Hi everyone,

In April our web hosts went bust and took with them my beautiful website 🙁

So we are slowly developing a new one please be patient and keep popping back to see what we have created!

Lora x

Argh! !! Its the water wobbles! Help!

Argh!! It’s the Water Wobbles! Help!


The Water Wobbles can happen to anyone at any time and can occur from ages 8 months to 24months!


Zach went through the water wobbles when he was 18months and it took a lot of patience, perseverance as well as a few skipped classes when I wasn’t feeling up to the challenge, to get through it.


Zach also suffered a lot from separation anxiety and these two developmental stages often go hand in hand.


What happens?

You go along to your usual lesson and where before little one was smiling, happy, participating instead they start to whinge, scream or cry and when they are older point blank refuse to do anything you ask of them.


How long does it last?

As with all baby development there are no fixed time frames.  It can be as short as a couple of lessons to as long as a few months.  It took Zach about 6 months to get a bit better and a whole year to get on a woggle


Why does it happen?

There are many reasons you could suddenly find yourself in the depths of Water Wobbles.


One of the biggest causes is Separation Anxiety and, as you may know if you are currently going through this phase at home, can be a very stressful time.  Zach was horrifically bad for months with separation anxiety, from about 15 months to around 2 ½ years, it felt like I had an extra appendage and poor Eddie was unable to help with the day to day routine.


Other causes can be a change in circumstances, such as a new nursery, routine, change in lesson time, the arrival of a little brother or sister, change of developmental phase, teething, honestly the list is endless!!


Things to try:


Go have fun in the pool – we forget that swimming is FUN not just about lessons, this can have a great help.  Even we forgot to take Zach to have fun in the pool it’s easily done.


Don’t leave – I know the last place you want to be when your little one is having a meltdown is in the pool with other parents around! By leaving the pool you are setting the benchmark for future episodes.  Instead move to the side of the pool with your little one, bouncing, talking, singing whatever it takes to try and calm little one down


Pick your battles – don’t try and make your little one do anything they don’t want to do in the pool (this will often have the reverse affect).  If there is an activity little one doesn’t want to do then just sit and watch if there is no pressure they may eventually want to join in.


Woggle refusal – very very common and can be the biggest causes of stress in the pool.  Zach would scream NO the minute they were put in the pool and we would do battle with me always losing. We got a woggle for home, cut it in half, and used half when we were in the bath and half in his toy box to make it familiar.  It took lots of months and swimming lessons but eventually he got back on the woggle and swam the length of the pool (a very proud mummy & daddy moment).


Then what?

Generally after a few months if you follow the above your little one will come out the other side in love with swimming more than ever before and you can look back at this difficult phase and be proud you have got through it.


Don’t forget it’s also about having fun!

Sometimes lessons can just be too much stress to handle (along with all the other stresses being a parent can bring) and that’s ok.


Swimming is meant to be fun at this age and by having fun and playing in the pool little ones learn to be confident and safe in the water.  If the thought of bringing your little one to another lesson to do battle makes you feel so stressed then contact us in the office, it may be wiser to take a break from lessons and going swimming at your local pool to remember how to have fun when swimming. Then you come back for more formal lessons when the phase has passed.  Whatever you do make sure you keep regularly getting into the pool.


If you are currently going through the water wobbles:

I used these little mantras before and during the lessons to keep me sane:


I am not alone others are going through the same stress as me”

“He hasn’t developed a fear of water”

“Other parents are just glad it’s not happening to them”

“We will get through it”


Keep these in mind when little one is behaving at their worst and hopefully it will help.


If you want to talk to your teacher afterwards please do, all our teachers are parents as well and will have a water wobble story of their own they can share with you.


Or if it’s easier give me or Eddie a call in the office, sometimes it just helps to talk and we are always happy to talk about any concerns you may have.

Catch Ups

Catch-UpsAs parents we know how frustrating it can be if you have to miss one of our lessons due to illness, holiday or last minute emergencies. So although our terms and conditions state that we do not “owe” you a lesson if you miss one, we do want to try our hardest to organise a catch up lesson for you if we can.  So as a family based company, unlike other baby swimming companies, we want to continue providing catch ups to all our little swimmers.

Catch up requests may seem to be a simple thing to organise but as we teach around 500 babies a week in 15 different pools it can take up to 30 minutes to organise just one. If everyone follows these guidelines we can continue to provide this valuable service.  .

How to request a catch up

  • All requests must be emailed to the office, please state clearly the days you can swim and if you are able to drive. Unfortunately we cannot organise over the phone or via text.  Please contact us after the missed lesson.  If you know you are going on holiday we cannot guarantee a catch up but will try to organise one on your return.
  • We cannot always guarantee a catch up. We will always try our hardest to organise a catch up but we only have limited time in our pools so it may not always be possible, however, the more flexible you can be with days and places you can travel to the greater the likelihood we can organise
  • The catch up class we can book you onto may not be the same level as your usual class but may be a level above or below, however you will still get a 30 minute swim and we will only offer you appropriate classes for your child.
  • Due to the administration if you are unable to make the organised catch up we cannot arrange another one.
  • We can only organise 1 catch up per course.
  • Catch up classes cannot be carried over from one term to the next.

Thank you so much for following the above guidelines and helping us to continue offering catch ups.