Ouch! Pesky Ear Infections

Does your little one suffer from ear infections or hates getting water in their ears?

Swimmers ear or otitis externa is caused by frequent contact with water, which makes the ear canal vulnerable to inflammation. It can cause pain, itchiness and other horrible symptoms it can be very painful, especially babies and toddlers.

How can I tell if my baby has this kind of ear infection?

An infection of the external ear typically begins with itching. As it progresses, it can cause ear pain and tenderness. If your baby’s pain gets worse when she chews or when you gently tug on her earlobe, she probably has swimmer’s ear. (Moving the outside of the ear doesn’t bother children with infections of the middle ear.)

Check the entrance to her ear as well: You may see redness and scaling. Other symptoms include a yellow, watery, or smelly discharge from the ear. She may also have swelling in her ear or in the glands in her neck.

How can I prevent swimmer’s ear?

As parents we know the benefits of swimming from such an early age so to miss such a rewarding experience because of ear infections is such a shame.

The infection isn’t contagious, so don’t worry about your baby catching it from other kids.

Go easy when you clean your baby’s ears. Don’t use a cotton swab to clean inside the ears. Instead, use a soft washcloth to clean the outside portion only. Tip little ones head to one side to make sure all the water runs out.  You may even want to use a hairdryer on a low temperature to dry the ear.

Try to minimize the amount of water that gets in your baby’s ears from bathing or swimming. By using the Konfidence Aquaband you can reduce the amount of water getting in when swimming

If your baby’s prone to swimmer’s ear, talk with her doctor about using preventive drops. A homemade solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, which may help prevent bacterial growth, is sometimes recommended. (Don’t use this mixture if you think your baby may already have an infection, because it could sting.)




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