Teaching Baby Swimming to Norland Nannies in Bath!

teaching baby swimming

Aqua Tikes – Proud to be Teaching Baby Swimming to Norland Nannies!

Those of you who live in and around Bath will be very familiar with the sight of Norland Nannies in their full uniform, looking not too dissimilar to Mary Poppins.

Norland College was founded in 1892 providing Nannies to the aristocrats and royals.  However these days the Norland Nanny is slightly different.

Norlanders spend three years to become qunorland-nannies-2alified through a mixture of practical, theory and placement courses. Like Mary Poppins they are taught about nursery life such as how to bath a baby but unlike Mary Poppins they are taught more modern day skills such as evasive driving and self-defence.

Aqua Tikes are very excited to announce that they are adding a further string to the bow of the Norland Nanny!

“Aqua Tikes Introduction to Baby Swimming”
All of the year three Nannies spend time both in the class room and the pool learning about the benefits of taking little ones swimming from an early age.

teaching baby swimmingAqua Tikes are teaching baby swimming techniques to future Norland Nannies, such as the mammalian diving reflex.  How to ensure they are providing a safe environment, correct temperatures and durations for example. Alongside swimming  techniques from birth through to preschool.

Eddie Dawson approached Norland Nannies to offer Aqua Tikes services and with Clare Dent a course was planned to provide all Student Norland Nannies the knowledge and the confidence to swim their little ones.

“It is really something to be able to pass on our knowledge and experience to the Student Norland Nannies and we hope that this will encourage them to take their children swimming at a very early age providing their children with a skill for life” Eddie Dawson Director Aqua Tikes

All of the year three student nannies have just completed their Aqua Tikes Introduction to teaching baby swimmingBaby Swimming Course with flying colours and will now take all their knowledge and techniques with them as they travel to their families across the world

“We are pleased to add another aspect to our learning programme. We have worked with Aqua Tikes to develop a course which gives Norland students to ability to understand the benefits baby swimming can bring, and the supporting theories behind the techniques used.” Clare Dent, Norland Diploma Co-ordinator

Congratulations to all the Student Norland Nannies who have completed their Aqua Tikes Introduction to Baby Swimming Course this October.


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