Baby & Toddler Swimming

Having spent 9 months floating around in mummy’s tummy all babies quickly remember how lovely it feels to bob about in the water!

  • Classes have an average of 6 to 10 parents and babies in each session.
  • Babies can start swim lessons from as young as birth, however mum needs to have had her 6 week check up. Most of our classes are suitable for 8 weeks and upwards
  • All sessions are tailored to each baby (and parent!) – making sure that you both feel safe and confident.
  • We provide a safe AND fun environment so that everyone has a great time!

Unlike other baby swim lessons you only sign up for 5 weeks at a time – meaning it’s much less of a financial commitment at a time when there may only be a single income coming into the home!

Our Classes are Tiny Tikes, Mini Tikes, Tiddler Tikes, Super Tikes and Academy Tikes

Baby and toddler swimming lessons take place on every day of the week, in pools around Wiltshire, Bath, Swindon and the West Country. Head on over to our Where and When page to find out your nearest class and time.