Harry’s Hydro Photo Shoot Saturday 21st October


Harry’s Hydro in Frome is a fantastic pool for a photo shoot as it is lovely and warm and provides a very intimate experience.

In small classes of 6 you and your little one will start the photo shoot just like any normal lesson  so your little one is nice and relaxed.

Eddie will talk you through the day and will then take each little one in turn for an underwater swim so Stuart can take a photograph.

Little ones can have a maximum of 6 swims in 24 hours however as the shoot can be more tiring than a normal lesson, due to the longer submersions, very often it may be only 4.

Each submersion Stuart will snap between 3 and 5 photos.

After the first 2 swims you can add hoops, tutus, hero costumes or you may choose to try for an underwater shot together.  If partners want to get in the pool to try for a family shoot we will also invite them in at this time.

After the photo shoot Stuart will collate together all your photos and we will send you a link and password for you to view all the fantastic photos.

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How many spaces are there?
Spaces are limited and are given on a first come first served basis.

What will my photo look like?
Have a look at our website to see lots of pictures of our lovely aqua tikes that Stuart has photo’d over the last 2 years.

How long does the session last?
30 minutes in the pool with a warm up and then 4 submersions baby willing and a maximum of 6.

How much does it cost?
The non-refundable booking fee is £30.

What does the £30 Booking Fee cover?
The £30 pays for the time in the pool only, this covers pool hire, teachers, insurance administration etc.  It is non-refundable and is required to be paid 1 week after your booking has been made.  Any photo’s or products purchased will cost extra please see price guide below.

How much do the photos cost?
There are a wide range of photos and products available please click on your pool of choice for the photo shoot for an up-to-date price list.

Do I have to be swimming when the photo shoot?
Your little one must either be on a course or have finished a course within 2 weeks of the photo shoot

Will I definitely get a good picture?
Obviously we cannot guarantee a good photo however Stuart is an amazing photographer and has been taking under water images for over 20 years.  Have a look at his website http://www.stuartchorley.com/

What is the pool like?
For more information about the pool, times etc. please click on your chosen pool photos above.

Price Guide (these are meant as a guide only and subject to change)

Digital Images

1 Digital Image                                           44.00

1 Digital Image and short HD Film            82.50

2 Digital Images and short HD Film          110.00

3 Digital Images and short HD Film          132.00

4 Digital Images and short HD Film          154.00

5 Digital Images and short HD Film          176.00

6-10 Digital Images and short HD Film    220.00

Aqua-Image short HD Film          44.00


16″ x 12″ Poster Print                                60.00

12″ x 10″ Standard Print                           48.00

10″ x 8″ Small Print                                    36.00

8″ x 6″ Small Print                                      28.00

Additional Retouching can be done on request     25.00